Elektro Helios

Brand name: Elektro Helios

Founded: 1919

Country of origin: Sweden

One might say that there is no simpler, purer brand in the Electrolux portfolio than Elektro Helios. By that, we mean that since its inception in 1919, this Swedish label has always stood for simple but functional products.

For decades, the strength of the brand resided in its exceptional cookers. In fact, so reliable and value-oriented were these products that at one point, over 80% of the cookers in Swedish homes were Elektro Helios! The brand was acquired by Electrolux in 1962, but the original, basic concept was never compromised. Thus, the brand has continued to manufacture a limited but rock-solid line of products that appeal to the consumer who wants no-nonsense appliances for a reasonable price. Elektro Helios is an excellent choice for someone looking to market a product that focuses on simplicity and functionality.

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