Brand name: Philco

Founded: 1919

Country of origin: USA

“Famous for Quality the World Over” is Philco’s tagline, and there is no doubt that the brand has, indeed, been famous – for well over a century. Begun in Philadelphia, USA, Philco reached 1 million dollars in annual sales by 1917 and hasn’t looked back since. Originally, the brand’s fame derived primarily from its radios and televisions. The radio’s unique design and high fidelity made it a household icon from Italy to Argentina to Hong Kong. Interestingly, that “cathedral” aesthetic has been recently revived and still has the pleasing appeal of classical furniture.

But Philco as a brand is more diverse and resilient than a simple radio. For many decades, the brand was seen as “futuristic” in its product design and development. Now, the name can be found on popular products as wide-ranging as air conditioners and small domestic appliances. The Philco logo can bring a significant level of immediate status and reputation to any product that bears its name. 

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