The Boss

Brand name: The Boss

Country of origin: USA

One should immediately notice that this is a two-word brand, with the article “The” being equally important. THE BOSS creates a singular, strong image of leadership and control; it implies earned status.

In fact, THE BOSS is an interesting example of a line that performed so well it rose to the level of a brand. Eureka has found such success in THE BOSS that it no longer needs to partner the Eureka name alongside it. And true to the name’s implication, THE BOSS received its high level of acceptance through exceptional performance. One might even say that in this case that the brand’s reputation as a high-performance, high-value brand is an understatement.

THE BOSS has proven its leadership role in the US and the UK. The brand stands ready for additional development from those who want a name that delivers immediate status and power. THE BOSS: Power and status, fortified with leadership.

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