Brand name: Wascator

Founded: 1940

Country of origin: Sweden

Imagine a brand name so unusual yet so well known that the overwhelming majority of the 27,000+ hits it generates on Google refer solely to your product line! That’s Wascator.

Imagine again a brand that is a world player in laundry systems teaming up with a brand that is a global leader in appliances. That was the combination of Wascator and Electrolux, producing the current global leader in commercial laundry. Wascator’s evocative name, so clearly unique and memorable, has been out front in laundry systems for decades. Its Swedish origin helped it make eminently practical and durable products. Its affiliation with Electrolux gave it the platform to reach customers around the world.

The result: The Wascator brand is universally recognized as the standard for commercial laundry systems. So, what words can summarize the WASCATOR name besides laundry? Unique. Dominant. Global.

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