Brand nameZanussi

Country of originItaly


A brand with an easy-going and relaxed approach to life

The brand name, Zanussi, has always stood for Italian innovation with flair, and its yellow-black color combination and distinctive logo have made it recognizable throughout Europe and neighbouring countries for many decades.

Products under the Zanussi name span the entire range of household appliances, though its reputation has been gained and sustained with its reliable and extremely popular washers and dryers. Zanussi is a brand name that could be used on any appliances, but it is also a perfect label for brand extensions. Potential licensees interested in developing lines of sunglasses, bicycles, racing equipment, etc., could benefit enormously from the strength of this name. If you want a brand with Italian flair, Zanussi is the perfect choice, easy!

Below are examples of licensed Zanussi products