The Internet of Things and Connected Devices

As you might already know, Electrolux has joined the AllSeen Alliance this year, the broadest Internet of Everything open-source project, as a Premier Member. The Alliance represents the largest and most diverse open source effort to advance the Internet of Everything (including top consumer electronics manufacturers, appliance makers, service providers, retailers...). Getting the conversation started on Connected Appliances is a big step for Electrolux, following our vision of creating innovative products.

Corporate connected appliances

You can already find smart air controllers on the market today from Electrolux in EMEA and the world's first connected steam oven with integrated camera will be available in most European markets in April 2016 under the AEG brand, and from September 2016 under the Electrolux brand.

In addition, the Digital Strategy and Experience team of Electrolux has conducted research on My Electrolux app (and accompanying idea of connected appliances) during the summer, which was well-received by consumers: this application will differenciate Electrolux by merging both content (tips tailored for the Electrolux connected products, product registration,customer support, order of parts...) and control capacity of various appliances into one mobile application.


Connected products and Licensees

Our licensees are also following the trend:

- Solar Solutions PV GmbH has developed a special line of AEG Industrial Solar photovoltaic modules integrating IMM (Individual Module Monitoring) within their junction boxes. IMM is a patented smart technology allowing for highly accurate monitoring at solar module level of the overall performances of the solar power plant.The IMM technology is able to detect product and plant issues from remote and thanks to intelligent data analysis it predicts issue patterns and suggests the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) actions to be taken. The system thus helps saving up to 20% in O&M, as it minimizes the interventions required on site and it further increases the efficiency of power plants by up to 7%.


- AEG Power Solutions (AEG PS) has launched MoniUPS, a remote monitoring for Power Systems and associated platform of services for all Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) owners. Based on an Internet of Things (IoT) platform and cloud technology, MoniUPS maximizes the availability of UPS systems, optimizes management, and helps companies achieve the lowest possible operating cost for their mission critical power systems. MoniUPS enables AEG PS service experts to remotely acquire data, such as energy consumption, and make it easily accessible 24 hours a day, everywhere in the world, through a tablet or a PC. It provides periodic reports on many aspects of the UPS, which are available on line and in real time, as well as telemetry and a wide series of warning and alarms, which together help in securing critical applications.

- AEG ID has, with over 20 years of RFID device development and production experience, the capability to produce customized tags and reader components to meet the specifications of virtually any low or high frequency RFID system. The RFID technology consists in electronic ID tags are being used ever more frequently to automatically identify products, people and animals in applications that range from access control and IT security to industrial automation, logistics, asset tracking and animal identification.

Today, AEG ID products are powering applications ranging from industrial automation, production control, waste handling and logistics to access control, animal identification, sports timing and event management.


- Elec-Tech International (H.K.) Co. Ltd. in cooperation with elumi GmbH has launched connected lighting as part of their Home Line which can be controlled easily and intuitively via smartphone or a tablet with the "LED by AEG" app.

This intelligent light management via Bluetooth 4.0 facilitates the formation of groups and generation of tableaux in addition to customised control of individual light fixtures (such as ON/OFF, dimming function, control of individual or small group of luminaires, creation of scene lighting effect and even colour change).