Ecowater & TTI

"We are looking forward to this operation"

EcoWater Systems, 1st worldwide manufacturer of residential water softeners, is manufacturing and distributing AEG Water treatment products such as water softeners, purifiers, filters and Reverse Osmosis systems in France, Italy, Spain and soon Poland in Leroy Merlin stores mainly.

For the first time, starting in September 2015, EcoWater Systems France will launch a specific promotion in partnership with TTI AEG Powertool; TTI being a world-class leader in design, manufacturing and marketing of Power Tools.
In 120 Leroy Merlin stores in France, the end consumer will be able to buy an AEG Purifier (Water softener + filtration system) and get one AEG Powertools drill/driver for Free!

This collaboration was possible thanks to Electrolux Licencee team who organized a specific meeting between EcoWater Systems and TTI during the last Electrolux Symposium in Dubrovnik.
The objective of this operation is not only to increase sales in stores on AEG Water treatment products but also to benefit from the solid reputation of AEG Powertools in the plumbing section.

Leroy Merlin stores managers are looking forward to this operation and Ecowater sales team is ready to merchandise it the best way.
AEG Purifiers will be directly delivered with an AEG powertools drill/driver on top of the packaging and specific posters have been made to promote the operation in stores.
EcoWater Systems will also finance e-mailing blasts to Leroy Merlin stores to inform Leroy Merlin card holders about the promotion.
If the operation is successful, EcoWater is planning on renewing it in 2016 with other AEG water treatment products.

Persons involved to make the operation feasible:

- Anne-Claire GATARD, European Marketing Manager of Ecowater Systems France
- Philip Welsh, EMEA Brand Manager at AEG Powertools  
- Maxime Rondepierre, AEG Product Manager at TTI France



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