Quality Oversight expansion

Although over 70% of our brand partners' factories (supply base) are located in China, a significant number of factories are located outside this region. Our aim of our Quality Team is to cover the globe and provide a uniform service to our stakeholders.
We are pleased to announce, therefore, the addition of two Electrolux colleagues to the Quality Team to assist with both quality audits and product testing:
- Mr. Quieton Oliveira in South America (1st picture - 2nd from the right),
- Mr. Raman Dhingra in India (2nd picture, 2nd from the left).
In addition to their other core Electrolux responsibilities, Mr Oliveira and Mr Dhingra will assist our Quality Team on an as-needed basis.

Briefly, their backgrounds are as follows:

Quieton Oliveira

Quieton (second from the right) conducting an audit at one of our licensees’ (Fravega) supplier in Argentina in May’15

Mr. Oliveira is the Quality Manager for Electrolux Floor Care and Small Appliances in South America.  He holds a Bachelor degree in Business and a post degree in Production Engineering as a Polymeric Materials Specialist. Since starting at Electrolux in 2006, Mr. Oliveira has worked in a variety of different departments managing the teams at incoming inspections and testing as well as new product introductions.  The majority of his experience is in developing new suppliers, creating rules for quality assurance and quality control, working with purchasing departments in developing the global charge back rules and auditing and validating various processes. 


Raman Dhingra

Raman (second from the left) conducting an audit at one of our licensees’ (Green Trace) supplier in India in July’15.

Mr. Dhingra is the Product Manager for Electrolux in India.  He holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and a post degree in Business Management.  Mr. Dhingra has been with Electrolux since 1996. Throughout the years, he has taken various international assignments with Electrolux to Thaliand and Australia in which he has lead various project teams, been in charge of multiple product lines and assisted with developing and improving multiple supply bases.  

Please provide a warm welcome to Raman and Quieton!


As always, if anyone has any questions about the Quality department, please feel free to contact Kenneth W. March, Jr., Global Licensing Quality Manager, at (704) 534-8313 or at kenneth.march@electrolux.com