Electrolux acquires Anova

On February 6th Electrolux announced the acquisition of Anova, the U.S. based provider of the Anova Precision Cooker. This innovative and connective device for sous vide cooking enables restaurant-quality results in the home. The acquisition provides a significant opportunity for profitable growth in this emerging product category. Anova’s direct-to-consumer business model and digital focus are also of strong strategic interest to Electrolux. Anova was founded in 2013 and is growing rapidly amid popular acclaim for its innovative product, which was rated best cooking gadget of 2016 by reviewed.com.

“Anova’s mission – to make it easy for consumers to cook like a pro – is so similar to our own focus on great tasting food that this was quite obviously a perfect match,” said Ola Nilsson, Head of Electrolux business area Home Care and Small Domestic Appliances.

“It’s also a great strategic fit in terms of Anova’s approach to online sales and digital marketing, and in how they leverage connectivity in the products. We have a lot to learn from each other, and look forward to helping Anova take the next steps on their global growth journey while maintaining an agile and innovative culture.”

The Anova Precision Cooker connects to a user’s smartphone and offers thousands of recipes to make it easy to cook sous vide – a cooking technique that is well established in gourmet restaurants and growing among consumers. Food is placed in a sealable bag and brought to a precisely controlled temperature in a water bath. The precision cooker is an immersion circulator, which heats and maintains the water at a precise temperature, ensuring great results. Read more about Anova here.

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