Get a taste of the new AEG documentary: Tasteology

Launching on May 25, ‘Tasteology’ uncovers the essential steps involved in every great meal: source, chill, heat and experience. The four episodes invite viewers on a culinary journey around the world to gain new insights on taste from food experts.

This AEG documentary interviews leading global experts – for example, a psychologist who explores how taste is affected by sounds; a chemist known as ‘the father of molecular gastronomy’; a food waste activist who wants to change the world; and a famous Instagrammer who turns gas station food into beautiful plate creations.

“AEG is always an idea ahead and that is why we talk to experts around the world to understand how to take taste further. Tasteology is a modern way to engage with consumers and key influencers around a topic that’s highly relevant for them and us – taste and cooking,” says Lars Hygrell, SVP Marketing, Major Appliances EMEA.

Looking beyond heat
Heat may get the most attention when it comes to preparing food, but that’s only part of the picture. Tasteology looks beyond heat exploring different aspects and levels of taste, as well as how to achieve its full potential. 

Each episode of Tasteology is dedicated to one of the four elements that make up the Taste experience:  source, chill, heat and experience. The documentary digs into culinary traditions and unconventional innovations to uncover the processes to achieve the perfect taste. It’s about finding new ways to cook and eat food that is both delicious and sustainable. Hands-on cooking tips are mixed with cultural, societal and scientific reflections. 

For example, the British psychologist Charles Spence explains how the brain helps us to understand what the food is likely to taste like before actually tasting it, and how surrounding things such as sounds and colors affect our taste experience.

Taking Taste further
“The film is just one element in a bigger initiative aiming to take taste further,” says Martina Borgman, 360 Marketing Manager AEG. “The initiative also includes storytelling around our products and their benefits that we link to in evert step and use across channels - social, digital, media, PR, instore etc - around how our appliances take taste further in each of the steps.

“Before the official launch in May, we will tease about the project, hold exclusive screenings for press and create buzz in social media. The film has already gained a lot of interest and we have many credible medias sharing it with their readers,” says Lovisa Sunnerholm, PR Manager EMEA.

Watch the documentary
The full length, four-series documentary will be officially launched on the AEG brand website on May 25.