Mobile Mania

Have you tried to have a conversation with someone lately and they're glued to their phone? We live in a constantly connected, mobile society. Everyday new technologies emerge that cause us to be more reliant upon technology than ever before. Consumers have access to information with one click of a button and companies are having to up their game when it comes to digital tools.

Technology has been changing the way consumers engage with brands for decades, with no slowing down in sight. Consumers are using their mobile devices more and more to search for information, shop, and connect with friends and brands they love.  According to StatCounter, the rate at which consumers use mobile devices to search and shop has been increasing for years, and is projected to continue increasing. Brands must show up where the consumer is looking in order to stay competitive and relevant, so work with your website developer to ensure that your website is mobile- and user-friendly! Is your website mobile friendly?

This is a question that many of us would answer with "yes", but when is the last time that you had the same digital experience you offer to your consumers? If you work on your website daily, you might not view it from the same lens as your customers. Creating digital tools that appeal to your audience requires a knowledge and understanding of your consumers. What do you look for in a website? What frustrates you about digital tools? Trying visiting your website as a customer and you might be surprised at your reaction. Use this exercise to build a website that is engaging, efficient, and relevant to your audience.