New Appliances to be Launched In North America

In celebration of 100 years of innovation with Frigidaire, the Electrolux Group is launching new products in North America. The new products build upon the brand's 100 year legacy and aim to make preparation, cooking, and clean up quicker and easier. The new line includes the industry's first ever induction cook-top for under 1,000 USD in the region, now making it possible for consumers on a budget to experience the benefits of induction. A new dishwasher is also a part of the line-up and offers innovative features that ensure dishes will be clean and dry on the first run.

The company will also unveil a new Electrolux laundry line in North America, which follows last year's launch of the award-winning top load washer and dryer. These items are currently ranked 4.7 out of 5 stars at Home Depot, a popular North American retailer. The new laundry line will offer consumers features they already love, plus new benefits that will allow them to effectively and efficiently care for a variety of fabrics. Among the new features are effective stain removal with Smartboost technology and the industry's first adaptive dispenser that accepts PODS. Additional features include:

  • The Perfect Steam option on the washer vents steam from the bottom to effectively remove stains.
  • The Instant Refresh cycle on the dryer removes wrinkles and quickly refresh your favorite items with steam in just 10 minutes.
  • A 15 Minute Wash cycle on the washers and a 15 Minute Dry Fast Dry Cycle on the dryers means you can have a complete load of laundry done in just 30 minutes (2).
  • A reversible door and a standard 27″ platform on both the washers and dryers means they can fit in more rooms and allow for easier loading, no matter how the appliances are configured. 

The new Electrolux Front Load Washer and companion dryers will be available as part of a full new line of products launching in May of 2018.