Small Appliances take the industry by storm

Today's fast-paced, constantly changing lifestyle puts pressure on manufacturers to create products that are multi-purpose and efficient. Consumers set their eyes on products that allows them prepare healthy meals fast while balancing work, family, and extra-curricular activities. Retailers have the challenge of selling consumers products that are both attractive and relevant. What's the solution? Welcome to era of small domestic appliances, which are expanding at an accelerated rate. Global sales of small domestic appliances skyrocketed by 12% from the previous year in 2015 with specific increases in China, the UK, and Germany. Stand mixers and rice cookers were in high demand across Europe and Southeast Asia while North America saw an increase in purchases of portable grills and panini makers. Consumers across the world are looking at SDA's to make their busy lives easier. Generally compact and easy to disassemble and clean, SDA's offer consumers a quick and painless cooking experience with satisfying results.

SDA's have allowed consumers to streamline the cooking process while maintaining a focus on health and wellness. In addition to these factors, consumers also love the customization that SDA's offer. Manufacturers are paying more attention to exterior design and color, incorporating shades of deep blue, shiny red, and sparkly metallic. SDA's also allow consumers to enjoy their favorite foods and experiences year round. Gone are the days of waiting for summer night to barbecue, thanks to portable and electric indoor/outdoor grills. SDA's have revolutionized cooking by offering consumers appliances that are more convenient, capable, and connected. Experts believe that the next wave of SDA's will incorporate digital elements such as Wi-fi and apps. While there is anticipation around the design and capabilities of future SDA's, it is certain that consumer demands will continue to drive innovation and design.