Wabi-Sabi What?

Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection. We’ve never been more relieved to see this concept trending! The pressure is off to have a spotless, immaculate home; rather, this Zen Buddhist practice celebrates nature’s flaws. This undoubtedly explains the rise in marble, granite, concrete, stone, and natural wood accents in home décor which are typically presented in their natural, unadulterated forms

Gone are the days where we are striving for our homes to be pillars of perfection. 2018 is all about embracing the natural state of things. Have you been considering getting rid of the wooden coffee table you love because of the imperfection in the wood? Drape a bright colored textile over it as a chic runner. Not sure about the chair with a rip in the upholstery? Buy that faux fur drape you've had your eye on and revel in the luxury. Curious about what paint color or accessory to pair your natural items with? Check out our "White Out" article on the next page for great tips!