White Out

White is a controversial color these days. It's in, it’s out, and it’s in again. While the fair shade seems to be struggling to hold onto its popularity among consumers, gray and black are at the top of the list. These hues are all the rage when it comes to cabinets, counter tops, and appliances. True to trend, Frigidaire's Black Stainless Steel appliance line that launched in early 2017 is a hit. Consumers are raving about the modern design and the fingerprint resistant feature. Gray hues are also all the rage this season. HGTV, the largest home improvement television channel in the United States, reports that consumers rely on muted grays to bring warmth to a once-sterile atmosphere. Today's consumers unabashedly combine colors and textures. Gray cabinets are paired with wooden accents such as stand-alone open shelving or islands.  However, gray and black aren't the only showstoppers on the market.

Appliance companies are leaning heavily into color, designing items in bold shades of red, blue, and green. The idea is to make the appliances standout against neutral hues commonly used in home decoration. Consumers are using textured patterns to create variety in the home. Whether its bright patterned pillows against a neutral couch or cheery dish towels hanging on sleek neutral appliances, the combination of color and netural is a sure win. Paint companies are also jumping on the trend train. The most popular shades of 2018 include rich berry, deep green, and timeless onyx. Pair the colors with natural wood grains and you have a casual, classy look. With this being said, should we count white out? Experts say not yet! White is still expected to shine in these areas in 2018:

  • Rugs/Textiles
  • Wood Furniture
  • Bedding/Linens 

While white is taking a backseat in some ways to its opposite color pallete, consumers are still choosing the classic shade for very specific decorating needs. White rugs and textiles are commonly used to brighten up dark spaces. Wooden furniture is given a new look when stained and painted white! For a beachy feel, consumers are pairing with turquoise and aqua. Lastly, white linens and bedspreads are a favorite that seem to be ageless. Consumers love the versatility that white linens provide, especially when pairing with colored accessories such as curtain or throw pillows.