Brand name: Castor

Founded: 1960

Country of origin: Italy

For many decades, the CASTOR name has been synonymous with fun and reliability in Italy.

Originally known as Becchi Castor, the brand gained fame for its young and informal style, mirroring the Italian personality of the time. A series of television commercials at the time made it very popular, and while the brand was considered local to Northern Italy, it gained fame throughout Italy. Despite the wide recognition, the product line remained relatively narrow as the products themselves were always carefully built and tested. The result was a reputation that put the brand in such a favorable light that it grew almost equally by customer recommendations, even gaining a limited foothold in neighboring European countries.

The CASTOR brand, with its Italian flair and its clear and confident logo still speaks to those who require a name that promises a line of products that are well-constructed and trustworthy.

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