Brand name: Corberó

Founded: 1930

Country of origin: Spain

From its humble beginnings as the dream of Pedro Coreberó in Barcelona, Spain in 1930, the Corberó brand has grown into a symbol of the grand tradition of the Spanish market.

Known primarily for cooking products that emphasized simple-to-use features and accessible technology, Cordero always stayed at the forefront of developing practical and beautiful products that people came to love and trust.

In the 1970’s, Corberó began manufacturing a line of refrigerators and freezers that soon found success and recognition for its quality and practical innovations. Under the Electrolux Group, Corberó keeps shining with the same intensity as it did in the 70’s, and with the same spirit with which it was created. After more than 80 years in existence, the Corberó brands continues to be present in the Spanish market, offering consumers peace of mind and solid products at a great price.  

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