Brand name: Dishlex

Founded: 1948

Country of origin: Australia

Is there a brand with a name more synonymous with its purpose than Dishlex? Ask any Australian to name a dishwasher brand and chances are that you will hear one name repeated over and again: Dishlex. That’s because the name has been directly associated with exceptional dishwashing performance since 1948.

In fact, it’s safe to say that the brand’s slogan, “Australians love a Dishlex!” is no exaggeration. That’s because the brand has offered high performing, reliable, and affordable products from the beginning. The Dishlex brand is also known for introducing innovations that gave the public full confidence in the name. Pioneering efforts like the first AAA wash rating and the first 6-star energy rating helped establish the brand as a force in the marketplace.

Dishlex: a name that rings true for any product associated with dishes and dish care.

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