Brand name: Dubix

Founded: 1951

Country of origin: France

The Dubix brand was known in France for generations as Dubix de Souza. Dubix was founded in 1951 in Troyes, France. In 1965 it merged with the Parisian manufacturer De Souza and the new company quickly became the dominant commercial laundry service in France.

Dubix is know for heavy duty commercial  laundry systems and manufacturing barrier washer extractors and flatwork ironers, thus creating a brand awareness that is specific and durable.

From 1987 to 2004, the brand operated within the Electrolux professional laundry category. Now the highly respected Dubix brand is once again available for use. Given its strong and established history, it would be best used in connection with any product associated with laundry and professional services or machinery.

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