Brand nameElectrolux

Country of originSweden


Shape Living for the Better

The story of Electrolux started when Axel Wenner-Gren, a Swedish businessman, redesigned a bulky vacuum cleaner and then created an entirely new way of selling: door to door. From this new method, Wenner-Gren not only built a successful company, eventually called Electrolux, but also determined that company’s guiding principle: Consumer insight.

Salesmen were trained to listen to consumers’ concerns, their needs, and bring the information back to the designers. Ever since, Electrolux has continued to let consumer insight guide its product development. The result is a global manufacturer whose success has been rooted in provinding unparalleled consumer experiences through offering revolutionary and relevant products with innovative designs. The spirit of being a thoughtful design innovator pervades every decision of this parent brand. Thus, the use of the brand name in licensing will be more carefully scrutinized than any other in the portfolio. Having said that, the potential for this power brand is limitless.

Today, Electrolux is not only a vacuum cleaner company - but one of the world´s largest appliances compaines with sales in more than 150 markets. 

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