Brand name: Faure

Founded: 1854

Country of origin: France

The unusual logo for Faure - a larger upper case A amidst other upper case letters, sitting on a bold red bar – speaks to the French individuality of the brand’s character.

The name has been part of the French consumer nation since 1854 and has also managed over that time to retain the impression of a new and fresh personality. Faure has insisted on staying at the front of design and innovation, especially in recent years. That effort paid off significantly, as Faure was rated the number 3 brand in France from 1970 through 1988. While the brand name is most closely associated with cooking products, Faure has strengths that make it attractive beyond major appliances. It is strikingly more than a single category brand.

Faure is deeply rooted in French tradition and is a name that an entire nation trusts and admires.

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