Brand name: Juno

Founded: 1727

Country of origin: Germany

Juno is a German brand most known as the built-in appliance specialist. It also has the distinction of being the oldest brand with traceable history in the Electrolux inventory, going back as far as 1727. The brand name itself was established in 1899.

Despite its rich past, Juno is far better known for its current history with technically-advanced, well-designed products. In 2004, the brand combined with Electrolux, all the while maintaining its shining reputation for exceptionally high quality cooking products. Juno was also greatly respected for its innovative technology, most notable being the first convection gas oven in 1967. Today, the brand name retains an exceptionally high degree of recognition and acceptance, not just in Germany, but throughout all Europe.

Juno is a perfect brand for affordable, technically-advanced, and well-designed products.

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