Brand name: Kelvinator

Founded: 1914

Country of origin: USA

Say the name “Kelvinator” and you will get broad and immediate recognition of a name that stands for durable, dependable appliances. The brand has been a part of the global marketplace for 100 years and has been so thoroughly embraced by different cultures that its origin as an American brand has effectively disappeared. In other words, Kelvinator truly is a world brand.

What has remained constant, however, is a reputation for reliability and solid value across a broad range of products. Fittingly, since the brand was named after Lord Kelvin, the discoverer of "absolute zero" and for whom the Kelvin temperature scale is named - the standard temperature basis for modern mechanical refrigeration, Kelvinator has exceptionally high recognition in cold products. However, the brand also has an unusually resilient personality that allows it to fit across any product line. 

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