Brand name: Rosenlew

Founded: 1853

Country of origin: Finland

The Rosenlew company was, at one time, a major industrial giant in Finland. From 1853 to 1987 it manufactured an incredibly diverse list of products, from food to frying pans to fridges.

This diversity made Rosenlew an important player in the Finnish economy for many decades and garnered the brand a reputation for applying innovation and technology into practical products. In fact, the Rosenlew brand was so important in Finland that in 2006 a museum was opened in its honor. There, the history and products of the brand are celebrated in permanent displays. Rosenlew's popularity extends beyond Finland to other Scandinavian countries.

While Rosenlew was most widely recognized for its reputation as an appliance manufacturer, it is the incredible diversity of products bearing the brand name that makes it an enviable prospect for use in numerous categories.

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